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moon ‘struck:   adj.   affected by, or as if by, the moon: romantically dreamy; lost in fantasy or reverie     -Merriam Webster Dictionary

What is better than that carefree feeling of having just fallen in love? When nothing else in the world matters except being with that special someone. When you come to Moonstruck, we want you to relax and enjoy the experience. Focus on your date, your family, or your friends. “Snap out of it!” Savor the simple joys of life: Love, Family, Food and Camaraderie. Welcome “a la famiglia…Capeesh?”

History: 2021marks Moonstruck’s 26th anniversary! The original restaurant opened in Ocean Grove in 1995 as a small storefront BYOB. It moved to its current location in May, 2002.  But it really all began with The Raspberry Café: Founded in 1988 by owners Howard Raczkiewicz and Luke Magliaro, the breakfast and lunch place was legendary for it’s fresh food, juice bar and homemade muffins. To date, Howard and Luke are still the hands-on owners who oversee the daily operations of Moonstruck. “We have a lot of good memories and have made many friends and acquaintances over the years. We wish to thank everyone for their patronage, encouragement and support which has enabled us to realize our dream. Please know that we are still determined to keep our focus on what we have always strived for: To provide good fresh food, professional service, and a comfortable atmosphere. It is our proven recipe for success. Simple but true.”

Atmosphere: Moonstruck is housed in a multi-story – Victorian style building with lots of windows and wrap around porches. There are wonderful views across Wesley Lake to the Victorian Homes of Ocean Grove and The Great Auditorium, Ocean Grove’s famous landmark…And sometimes the full moon!  The first floor offers a bar and lounge area where guests may enjoy cocktails and appetizers. The second and third floors house the main dining rooms, each with their own dining bars. The third floor may also be reserves for private parties during our off season on Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday nights. There is also a small, semi-private room which can be booked for parties of 12 to 18 guests any night we are open. (Please go to our Private Party page for more details)

Outdoor porches provide for al fresco dining in the summertime. The breezes, the views and the candlelight make for a very romantic ambiance.  If there happens to be a full moon in the sky, watch out!  “When the moon hits your eye like a big Pizza Pie…”

Cuisine: American-Mediterranean Grill.  Our menu is inspired by the healthy cooking of the Mediterranean region, incorporating fresh Ingredients, quality oils and whole grains in many of our dishes.

Accessibility: An elevator accessed from the side entrance ramp makes all public areas ADA accessible.

“When the moon hits your eye like a big-a pizza pie that’s amore. When the world seems to shine like you’ve had too much wine that’s amore. When the stars make you drool just-a like pasta fazool that’s amore.   When you dance down the street with a cloud at your feet, you’re in love.   When you walk in a dream but you know you’re not dreamin’, signore, ‘scusa me, but you see, back in old Napoli, That’s Amore!”

-Sung by Dean Martin; Words and Music by Harry Warren and Jack Brooks

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